Beverage Brothers BBQ


Jon  - lived in Rhode Island most of his life.  His BBQ/culinary background is strictly amateur.  After receiving a Steven Raichlen BBQ recipe book 7 years ago, his passion for BBQ and anything smoked took off.  His primary role is temperature and stoking the fire.  Jon is a KCBS CBJ.

Age:  27
Profession:  Technical Account Manager

Mike - Shy of a small stint in Southern California, Mike has lived in Rhode Island.  Starting on a small gas grill with foil pouches of wood chips, Mike quickly grew fond of BBQ.  Living in L.A. with Pete (below) Mike honed his BBQ skills.  His primary role is meat preparation, Q. C. and rub/injections.  Mike is also a KCBS CBJ.

Age:  28
Profession:  Project Manager

Pete - has lived all over the US, whether it be in NYC, Boston, Indiana, Texas or most recently, Long Island.  Cooking has been in Pete's blood since he was a small child.  He began perfecting his skills in L.A. with Mike (above) and hasn't stopped Q'ing since.  His primary role is rubs, sauces and chicken preparation (everyone's favorite).

Age:  28
Profession:  Architect

Rob - grew up in northern Rhode Island before going to college at the University of Rhode Island.  Rob has an appreciation for food like no other.  His primary role is research and development and napping.

Age:  29
Profession:  Engineering