Beverage Brothers BBQ

Beverage Brothers BBQ Team, located in South Kingstown, RI is a new competitive BBQ team competing on the NEBS/KCBS circuit. 

The team consists of four members:
Jon Fredrickson
Mike Scandariato
Pete "The Sauced Saucier" Storey
Rob Schultz

7/1/2014:  It's been a long time since we've update the site!  Last season was a good one, finishing top 10 in all competitions except for one.  Most recently, at ROC City, we took 2nd in Chicken and 2nd in Brisket - resulting in a 4th place overall.  The best finish for the Beverage Brothers ever!

5/8/2011:  With a great 2011 completed and the purchase of a new Backwoods smoker for our rib cooking, Beverage Brothers are ready for another season.  Stop by our cook site in Rochester to say hello!

1/21/2011:  Well the winter is officially upon us.  The Beverage Brothers have just registered for our first KCBS contest - the ROC City Rib Fest in Rochester, NY.  We'll be dusting off the smoker prior for the NEBS Snowshoe, but we are looking forward to the ROC as it's our favorite contest of the year!

9/20/2010:  The end of a season has come.  We had a great time in Harvard and finished 23rd overall.  Much better than our last place at Harvard last year!  We also got a 1st place call in NEBS Grilling.  See you in March!

8/25/2010:  Beverage Brothers BBQ team is proud to announce a partnership with Narragansett Beer!  Stop by our tent at the next competition for some free Narragansett Beer schwag.

"Hi neighbor, Have a Gansett!  Narragansett Beer has been the official beer of backyard BBQ's and cookouts in New England since 1890.  Nothing goes better with BBQ than an ice cold 'Gansett."

Special recognition also goes to:
Narragansett Beer
Harris Tool and Machinery